Garthenor wool: Traceable from sheep to skein

he organic wool company Garthenor was born in the 1990s on the King family farm in the Cambrian Mountains of Mid Wales. In the early days Sally King spun the wool herself from the family’s own Ryeland, Shetland, Herdwick and Manx Loaghtan sheep - that is, until demand for their certified organic and undyed yarn began to outstrip supply.

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Always be making: duncan mclean

Clothing designer Duncan McLean has always been making things. You might say it's in his blood.

His mother ran a fabric store then re-trained as a designer, and his father is a carpenter. And his grandmother worked as a finisher at a clothing factory, doing all kinds of intricate handwork. Surrounded by all that talent, he was always going to be encouraged to follow through on his creative curiosity and give things a go.

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