Style: The decision was made put style to work in our presentation and packaging, as a language that would attract the very people that had hitherto overlooked sewing. Equally we were determined to include the steadfast makers and menders who had continued regardless of current trends.

Purpose: in supplying patterns, fabrics and tools that allowed the creation of a desirable functioning wardrobe. We offered a viable, wearable alternative to the increasingly indistinguishable options of the high street.
— Merchant & Mills

Merchant & Mills

Merchant & Mills is a treasure trove of ideas, inspiration and clever sewing tucked into a beautiful old building in the English town of Rye, in East Sussex.

It's there that master pattern-maker Carolyn Denham plies her trade with partner and photographer Roderick Field, producing a series of classic patterns and books aimed at providing home sewers with timeless designs that have been brilliantly drafted and that offer endless possibilities. As longtime users of Carolyn's patterns, we're thrilled to be able to offer them for you here.

With an investment of time, attention and care, sewing at home can provide a great return on investment: the satisfaction of making something with your own hands, and, in the end, a stylish garment we hope you'll wear with pride for years. Start here with the Merchant & Mills range.