The French Dart pattern is a keeper: You had us at hello, adorable tunic.

We have to stop thinking short-term happiness and strive for long-term contentment. I usually only buy or make for purpose or with the certainty that I’ll wear or use the item for years.

I don’t think any one action will change the fashion industry and the way it operates overnight, but they will notice a change in consumer habits. If we buy, and make, more thoughtfully, I’m hoping the industry will slow down with the overproduction of their ranges and break the cycle.
— Sharon Mendham

Maven Patterns

Maven Patterns, based in the UK, has a philosophy that sums up everything we love about slow fashion and making your own clothes as a way of slowing down.

Maven was founded in 2013 by Sharon Mendham, who built on her career as a pattern cutter and began releasing thoughtful, elegant patterns that will stand the test of time. She is also keen to ensure people have the skills needed to produce lovely garments with her patterns, so she devotes an incredible amount of thought to pattern and skill tutorials on Maven’s website. Go here to read a lovely interview with Sharon.

The printed patterns are beautifully packaged and have detailed, thoughtful instructions to carry you through the making.

And because some of us did grow up in the ‘60s and ‘70s, the only other thing we really need to say is: You had us at a tunic dress.