The C1: Crane's casserole pot

The C1: Crane's casserole pot

One of our lovely customers wrote to us about her experience of using the C3 frying pan this way:

"There are many reasons I love my new Crane C3 frying pan. Beautiful to look at, a perfect size and balanced to hold.

What I didn't expect was that my Crane frying pan would make me a better cook. Food is turning out better than normal,  much better in fact. Crispier skinned salmon, my most evenly gold corn fritters ever and gorgeous fluffy hotcakes.

Which brings me to the fried egg -  so good I have to tell you about it.

A slick of olive oil, I added the egg just as my Crane pan was warming. I cooked my egg gently with lid off till the white of the underside started to get wrinkly caramelised edges. When my egg was half cooked I turned the gas off and popped the lid on. Over the next minute the yolk continued to cook under gentle residual heat. My egg slid out of the pan, nudged along by a wooden spatula, as un-stick as any non-stick pan.

Perfectly chewy underside, white and set yolk. Rich but not greasy. Just yum. A perfect fried egg."

- Stephanie, Wellington

Crane Cookware

Crane Cookware was created in 2014 when British food writer and entrepreneur Charmain Ponnuthuari branched out beyond her successful London on a Plate app and teamed up with product design whiz Barnaby Tuke.

Their mission is providing essential homewares for food lovers who are passionate about the art of cooking and hosting.

Their launch creations are cooking up a storm worldwide – stunning vitreous enamelled sand-cast iron cookware. Tuke has applied his pared back design ethos to create a range that delivers a delightful, reliable cooking experience and looks stunning at the table. These beautiful products are reassuringly solid, but light enough to be easily handled.

 Production is based in the French province of Picardie, which sits between Paris and Calais and is home to the Somme battlefields. It’s symbolic that these two rival nations have again joined forces to benefit the world.  The French production base means Crane benefits from manufacturing skills that have been honed since the mid-1800's. It is a factory environment that is stacked with contemporary technology, but it is focussed on producing a product that is reassuringly old world - completely free of the toxins and material waste that typifies other manufacturers.

Here is a short video that gives you a look into the factory

We have also sourced examples of their recent collaboration with Japanese glass masters Toyo Sasaki. The Crane x TSG tumblers, tall glasses and beer glasses are made from the legendary HS toughened glass that is typified by fine design and robust wear and tear. HS is the most popular glassware brand in Japan's hospitality and food service industry - literally hundreds of millions of items have been sold since its introduction 50 years ago.