Astrid knitting - the time for new ideas, playing with colour, and relaxation

I think that everything can be an inspiration — a colour, a colour combination, the wool, the garden — it’s actually just a feeling inside you that you try to express through your work.
— Astrid Troland

Biches et Bûches

Biches et Bûches is a yarn company based in Burgundy, France. The range goes from fingerweight lambswool to a bulkier, Aran weight, with blends of lambswool and silk and lambswool and cashmere also on offer. From their atelier, Astrid Troland and her daughters weave a magic spell of colour and pattern that has captivated many knitters. The yarn is spun in Scottish mills before coming back to France for sale. Their wide colour range means Biches & Bûches is perfect for colourwork - and it’s at home in delicate shawls, or knit up into hats, cowls, mittens or jerseys. Go here to read more about Astrid’s journey to build Biches & Bûches.