duncan mclean

Hopefully COMING SOON. We are talking with Duncan about a special range of Newtown House creations.

This Newtown legend has been running his clothing store for over a decade and pretty much everything in the shop has Duncan’s handprint on it. His desire to create and sew propelled him to New York as a 20 year-old graduate, knocking on fashion house doors… and being accepted in.

This desire still burns bright in his thoughtful designs and loving handcraft done in the workshop out the back - where there’s a garden, guitar and industrial sized coffee machine to stimulate the creative juices.

Duncan is all about beautiful fabrics, robust construction and attention to design detail. But he values the customer experience above all.  That is why he is also front of house in the shop – casting his expert eye over shape, colour and texture. When the pins come out you know his custom fitting service will have you looking and feeling a million bucks.  

You can get the full story on how he learned his craft, what drives him and his passionate advocacy for Newtown here.